• Writing METAWARS for
    Reluctant Readers

    I was a very reluctant reader as an adolescent, so I wrote METAWARS to 'read like a video game' - to be as compelling and cinematic as the best films and games and appeal to reluctant readers like I used to be.


A big kid at Kidscreen

February 21, 2015
This week I’ll be trading the London drizzle for the sunshine of Miami…well, at least the indoor air-conditioning of a conference hotel.  For the first time ever, Kidscreen, the annual get together of the global kids media industry, will swap Manhattan for Miami. I first went to Kidscreen back in 2004, when I was a fledgling ...
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GM CEO Mary Barra

Alt Page 3

January 22, 2015
So, The Sun newspaper may have finally decided to join the 20th century and change it’s Page 3, but from what I’ve seen on twitter this morning it’s only moved from semi-naked to scantily clad. Hardly a great leap forward, and real waste of an amazing opportunity. The Sun has the power and reach to showcase (daily!) ...
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A map is a great place to start.

In A World…

January 6, 2015
There is no formula for great writing. No shortcuts. No magic pills (though many have tried). And no easy path. While there are shelves full of “How To” books on the craft, and I believe that writing is a craft that  can be taught, it starts with talent and intent; and must be honed. If anything, it’s ...
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No, you can't read it yet!

In Which I Write A Sequel

December 10, 2014
So here’s some great news, there’s more ‘Neurotic Zombie’ on the way! I’ve just come off an epic book tour, introducing OCD zombie Adam Meltzer to the masses and my publisher Faber has asked for a follow-up book! I’ve actually been working away on sequel story since the Spring, but it looks like it’ll come out this summer! The ...
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R.A. Montgomery Obit for FAcebook and others_obb_rb

Ray Got Me Reading

November 18, 2014
This weekend I learned with great sadness that Ray Montgomery (you may know him as R.A.Montgomery), founder and author of the Choose Your Own Adventure books passed away this week.  His publisher shared a full obituary, which you can (and should!) read here: http://www.cyoa.com, but I thought I’d share my experience with Ray…. Because Ray got me reading. I ...
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