• Being a Reluctant Reader

    I was a very reluctant reader when I was young, so I write books to be as compelling and cinematic as the best films and video games, to turn reluctant readers into lifelong ones.

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Reverse Rett

October 30, 2015
Usually, this blog is reserved for the fun and flippant, but today I want to share something serious, downright terrifying, but I hope ultimately changeable. Last week, two dear friends of mine, parents to two young girls, shared that their youngest daughter, Sadie, had been diagnosed with Rett syndrome. This is a neurological disorder that I’d never heard of, and perhaps ...
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He is a little short for a Stormtrooper.

Cannes or Can’t

October 7, 2015
If you’ve been following my twitter feed, you’ll know I’ve been down in Cannes, France for my very first MIPCOM market. MIPCOM is like a huge bazaar of TV shows; it’s probably where your favourite shows have emerged from (bought, sold, financed, packaged, etc) and it’s nothing short of overwhelming. But I was in town as ...
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MIPCOM Madness

October 2, 2015
I’ve got my TV hat on today. Well, actually, I’m not wearing a hat and if I did, it’d be my Blue Jays cap….but that’s another blog.  For now, I’m heading down to Cannes, France to dive in to the world of TV. This is my very first MIPCOM, and I’m going because as a writer, ...
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Publication Day!

September 17, 2015
It takes a long time to write a book, and also a long time to wait until it’s actually published, but today’s the day! The sequel to Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie publishes today, and I popped into my local indie bookshop, West End Lane Books, to find the product of my creativity (how cool is ...
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Straight Outta Croxton

September 12, 2015
I’m fascinated by the intersection of character & setting. It’s the nature vs. nurture phenomenon of shaping compelling characters, begging the question does the setting shape the character or does the character exist independently of the place? Think of some of your favourite characters from books or films, they are inextricably linked to their place… Luke Skywalker to the ...
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