• Being a Reluctant Reader

    I was a very reluctant reader when I was young, so I write books to be as compelling and cinematic as the best films and video games, to turn reluctant readers into lifelong ones.



June 22, 2016
I usually keep this blog for riffing on creativity, storytelling, and all things literary. But unless you’ve been under a rock these past weeks, you know there’s a very important referendum tomorrow. The people of the UK are being asked to cast a vote to support staying in the European Union (EU) or leaving the EU. I’ve ...
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June 16, 2016
I’m back in western Canada — 30 years after my first trip to the region, a trip that changed my life. It was 1985 and I was with my Mom and sister at Toronto’s CNE (like a big county fair), and we stumbled upon a large model of the under-construction Expo 86 site in Vancouver. It was ...
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Rainbows over Banff

Rainbows over Banff

June 14, 2016
I’m in Banff, Alberta for my second trip to the Banff World Media Festival. For the uninitiated, Banff is part festival, part conference, and part market. It’s bias is towards TV, and has a distinct Canadian flavour, but it’s embracing all things digital and a global outlook. For four days, a major players from content creation and transmission ...
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June 8, 2016
I’m thrilled to share that my creative company AWESOME, has optioned the rights to Jay Gunn’s critically acclaimed graphic novel, SURFACE TENSION.  It’s a gripping graphic novel that will make ground-breaking television. The news broke today from C21… Awesome, Gunn trigger novel deal https://t.co/UOknWsK8k9 — C21 Media (@C21Media) June 8, 2016 I first met Jay about a year ago ...
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When you get to the summit of the mountain of success, your adoring crowd will throw rocks at you to knock you off...then cheer on the next climber.

Why haters hate Matt Haig

June 1, 2016
I checked twitter today and spotted a digital car crash. I should have looked away, but didn’t. Without going into the details, a few folks on twitter (authors and publishing types) were rounding on author Matt Haig. I don’t know Matt personally, but as fellow authors we were once booked to speak at the same (but didn’t meet) ...
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