• Being a Reluctant Reader

    I was a very reluctant reader when I was young, so I write books to be as compelling and cinematic as the best films and video games, to turn reluctant readers into lifelong ones.

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Why Comic Con Matters

July 10, 2015
Every year, thousands of comics fans gather in San Diego to celebrate the sub-culture (turned pop-culture) of comics. And I’m using “comics” in the American, graphic novel sense of the word, not the more childish comic strip way that’s used in Britain by The Beano. People fly from all around the world to attend the con, and ...
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Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie new

Neurotic is the New Black

July 3, 2015
“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” That’s what we’re told. And yet, what do people actually do? Of course they do. We’re visual thinkers and take cues from book jackets to guide our decision making. Books are actually a lot like fashion (or a fashion accessory); readers have to want to be seen reading it. A book ...
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CMC, Yeah You Know Me

June 29, 2015
This week I’ll be heading up to sunny Sheffield for the annual Children’s Media Conference. It’s Europe’s big confab for all things related to media for young people. When I first attended, the CMC was mostly TV focused. It’s grown in scope and ambition as the media landscape has evolved and fragmented, and now covers TV, ...
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C'mon over!

Back to Banff

June 15, 2015
After 29 years, I finally returned to the magical mountain town of Banff, Alberta, Canada. If you’ve never visited, Banff is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. I first went as a boy, en route home from Expo 86, and blogged about it for the awesome Canadian literature blog 49th Shelf.  It was amazing ...
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Let's make some TV!


June 6, 2015
This week I’m heading to Banff, Alberta for the World Media Festival. I’m wearing my TV hat (not my cowboy hat) this week, meeting with producers and broadcasters on the Awesome slate of drama projects we’ve been cooking up. It’s a different process to writing books, but not that different. It’s still about story, character, and world…but ...
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