Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake

The completely classified, and totally true, autobiography of Sherman Capote, the only human boy in the high school for aliens at Area 51.

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Alienated is absolutely smart, funny, and true. Which might sound unlikely for a story set in a school with a surly robot, a twenty-tentacled life form, and a crush-worthy omnipotent deity. But Jeff Norton knows kids, knows funny, and nails how otherworldly school life can be.
author Jon Scieszka 

It’s funny and exciting and you don’t know what’s coming next.
beta-reader Jotha, aged 10 

The story is set in Area 51 in America at a school for aliens from all over the galaxy.  Sherman, the main character in the story, and his sister Jessica are the only humans in the school.  I think this book is unusual, exciting and fun.  Anyone who likes a mystery should read Alienated.
beta-reader Shaven, aged 9 

Out now in Germany from Random House!

Coming soon in English-speaking parts of the galaxy!

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