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CMC (July 5, 2016)

I had the pleasure of speaking at the annual Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, this year helping budding writers and producers craft the perfect show bible. The “bible” in TV parlance is the document that tells everyone what the show is. It’s an essential document, and is the tool that ensures everyone on the show, from […]

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CMC, Yeah You Know Me

This week I’ll be heading up to sunny Sheffield for the annual Children’s Media Conference. It’s Europe’s big confab for all things related to media for young people. When I first attended, the CMC was mostly TV focused. It’s grown in scope and ambition as the media landscape has evolved and fragmented, and now covers […]

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Storytelling: Can We Be More Adventurous? (Jan 22, 2015)

I’m speaking on a panel about Storytelling for the Children’s Media Foundation (a fantastic organisation that champions the importance and sustainability of quality media for kids in the UK and beyond)  and the agenda has been set to challenge ourselves as storytellers to be more adventurous. For me, I’m interested in the purity of voice and protecting the singular […]

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Pixar Power

If  you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I not only love the Pixar films, I also love the Pixar creative process. A couple of years back, I was fortunate enough to meet the creative development team from Pixar, and it changed my approach to creativity forever. Now, there’s been numerous pieces about Pixar in the press […]

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