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A new chapter

I’m embarking on my first “adult” book! I put the word in quotes because I never saw MetaWars as a young adult book, rather a novel for everyone, aged 9 to ninety, to enjoy, but it’s been shelved as YA and features a teen protagonist, so the book industry tends to think of it as […]

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This evening I’ll be participating in the weekly twitter discussion, under hash-tag #UKMGchat.  It’s organised by the awesome Miriam & Lorraine for the benefit of all book-loving twitter folks around the world. I usually miss out because the 8 pm (British time) start time coincides with putting my kids to bed, and I have to […]

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Why wattpad

I’m in Banff, Alberta for the annual Banff World Media Festival (see update here), and my worlds are colliding. Banff is mostly a TV centric conference/festival/market, but it is increasingly all-media focused, and this year the team at wattpad is here. As a content creator, across TV, books, and digital, this is the intersection of […]

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Rainbows over Banff

I’m in Banff, Alberta for my second trip to the Banff World Media Festival. For the uninitiated, Banff is part festival, part conference, and part market. It’s bias is towards TV, and has a distinct Canadian flavour, but it’s embracing all things digital and a global outlook. For four days, a major players from content creation […]

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Something New

I’m working on something new, something a bit, well… different. STAR PRESSED is a story about family. It’s not quite a kids book, it’s not exactly YA, and it’s not fully a grown-up read either. It’s a story about eight “people”, three adults and five teenagers thrown together by fate, facing a world they don’t understand, and […]

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Wattpad LondonCon, December 12, 2015

As you might know, I also write on wattpad (which is like youtube for creative writing) as @thejeffnorton. I’m thrilled to be invited to Foyles London to speak at the annual #WPLondonCon on the 12th of December. All the details are here:  http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wattpad-londoncon-2015-tickets-18536445006 Hope to see you there!

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Memories As Raw Materials

This week, while on book tour in Canada, I guest blogged on the fantastic website 49th Shelf, a site that celebrates Canadian literature. In the spirit of giving them the web traffic they deserve, please click here for my piece on mining memories to create new fiction. I hope you enjoy…and maybe while you’re on […]

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Wow wow wattpad

(note: this post first appeared here on the FutureBook.net site.  I’ve updated it and am reposting it here for followers of this blog) A couple of weeks ago on my blog, I shared that I was going to post the entire first MetaWars book, in serial format, onto wattpad. If you don’t know wattpad (and […]

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Why Wattpad

I’m thrilled to share I’ve now entered the future of storytelling and have joined wattpad! And to get started, MetaWars 1.0: Fight For The Future is now live on wattpad! Now, if you don’t know wattpad, it’s like a global camp fire for storytelling. It’s been referred to as the youtube of writing.  I think that’s […]

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