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The Force Awakens

So, today is kind of a big day. If you’re like me, a child of Star Wars, this is the day you’ve been waiting for since the mid 80’s. I must admit, I was excited (and then ultimately disappointed) by the prequels, but nothing like the excitement in store for JJ’s take on Lucas’ world. […]

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Something New

I’m working on something new, something a bit, well… different. STAR PRESSED is a story about family. It’s not quite a kids book, it’s not exactly YA, and it’s not fully a grown-up read either. It’s a story about eight “people”, three adults and five teenagers thrown together by fate, facing a world they don’t understand, and […]

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What’s Your Soundtrack?

When I write, I write to music. Mostly film scores. Of course, I’ve got my stalwart favourites like John Williams, James Horner, and John Barry, and a new(er) breed of film composers like Hans Zimmer, Patrick Doyle, and Alexandre Desplat, but my favourite composer working today has got to be Michael Giacchino. He’s not a household […]

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