A Singing Star

While Pippa is happy she’s been given a part in the school play, she’s having trouble with her lines. If she can’t deliver them in rehearsals, what will she be like in the real thing? Perhaps she can pick up some tips at the forthcoming Royal Pony Performance . . .

On the magical island of Chevalia, it isn’t just her own voice that Pippa needs to look for. Someone has stolen the sensational singing voice of superstar songstress Diva, and thinking that she is nothing without her talent, Diva is totally devastated. Can Pippa and her princess pony friend Stardust find the thief before Diva stops believing in herself?

The 8th book in the fabulous new series about friendship, determination, and courage.

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Overall, an entertaining read for younger girls. I expect we’ll be collecting more in the series at some point.
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