Back to Banff

After 29 years, I finally returned to the magical mountain town of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

C'mon over!

C’mon over!

If you’ve never visited, Banff is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. I first went as a boy, en route home from Expo 86, and blogged about it for the awesome Canadian literature blog 49th Shelf

It was amazing to be back, and not just for the nostalgia. For me, Banff is both a real place, and a place I’ve lived with in fiction. As you know from MetaWars book 4 (minor spoiler alert here), Jonah and Sam have to get through the mountains from Alberta to Vancouver.  They steal away on a train that runs on the very tracks I travelled on so many years ago…

The rails to Vancouver.

The rails to Vancouver.

I even stopped mid-run, to visit the scene of the book….

But, I wasn’t there as a tourist or to stroll down memory lane, I was actually in Banff for something called the Banff World Media Festival, a big conference for the top players in global television.

Let's make some TV!

Let’s make some TV!

I was there with my TV hat on (well, actually I didn’t even wear one hat the whole time), talking to potential partners to bring my Awesome books and original drama concepts to the screen.

The festival was incredible, overwhelming, and very productive. Like everything in life, it’s all in the follow-up, but except some exciting announcements soon.


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