I’m delighted to announce the launch of MetaWars Blood Nexus today!


Blood Nexus is a three-part, interactive e-book that launches first on Apple’s iBookstore.

It’s a prequel to the world of MetaWars, charting the action-packed weeks leading up to first meeting Samantha Kavanaugh and her father Axel in MetaWars 1.0: Fight For The Future.

The ebook is fully interactive, inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure  books from the eighties that helped me to become a reader.  Blood Nexus puts you in control of the story, and your choices have real consequences.

You control the action. You choose!.

You control the action. You choose!.

I was inspired to do this project when Freed Fiction approached me because the MetaWars books themselves are about choice. They are about both the conscious and unconscious choices that we all make and their unintended consequences.

The prequel trilogy comes in three “episodes”, and the first episode is absolutely FREE in the iBookstore, so download it today and start reading…and start choosing!



And this “quick starter” video explains how it all works…

Trademark notes: Choose Your Own Adventure is a registered trademark of ChooseCo LLC. MetaWars is a registered trademark of Awesome Media & Entertainment Ltd.




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