Dino Knights Book 2: Invasion

Imagine medieval times as if the dinosaurs never went extinct.

The second in a fast-paced fantasy adventure series, set in a medieval land where dinosaurs still roam. Dramatic illustrations of knights and a dinosaur field guide add appeal for the most reluctant reader. When the Highlanders are attacked and kidnapped by their ruthless neighbours, the Dino Knights are torn between avenging Ellie’s Highlander family or protecting Brecklan which is now under threat. Ellie and Henry risk everything and disobey orders to go to the rescue. But in doing so they make a powerful new ally who will help them save Brecklan.

Dino enthusiasts will love that each knight rides a different type of dino, and will enjoy the dramatic and realistic illustrations. Themes of self belief and empathy are combined with high drama for a thrilling roller coaster of a read.

This book series is great for fans of Beast Quest and How To Train Your Dragon.

Curious about the inspiration for Dino Knights? I explain how a middle of the night playdate inspired the world of Panterra on YouTube.

The book publishes April 7th, 2022 and is available to pre-order…

In the UK:


You like knights? You like dinosaurs? Watch out, your head might explode. A simple but effective mash-up for newish readers and fans of How to Train Your Dragon and the Beast Quest series. Norton imagines the medieval era, but with dinos. Our hero is stable boy Henry Fairchild, who, when he stops a T-rex from attacking his master, is invited to join the Knights of Panterra, the Dino Knights. (6-9) 

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