In Which I Write A Sequel

So here’s some great news, there’s more ‘Neurotic Zombie’ on the way!

No, you can't read it yet!

No, you can’t read it yet!

I’ve just come off an epic book tour, introducing OCD zombie Adam Meltzer to the masses and my publisher Faber has asked for a follow-up book!

Hoards of fans!

Hoards of fans!

I’ve actually been working away on sequel story since the Spring, but it looks like it’ll come out this summer!

The second book takes Adam and his vegan vampire friend Corina and their loyal, but sometimes annoying tagalong chupacabra pal Ernesto into a whole new adventure…summer camp!

In Canada!

Yep, most of the book is set in my homeland and based on what happens in the story, the Canadians are probably going to revoke my passport!

I won’t give too much away, but of course, since this is Adam’s life…nothing is what it seems!

Faber are hard at work on a cover design so I hope to share that with you soon, probably in the new year.


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