Keeping The Beat book deal

With London Book Fair kicking off today, I’m thrilled to share some very exciting news….

The book (which in the UK is) known as DRUMMER GIRL

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 19.33.45

…will now be published in the U.S. & Canada by a brand new YA imprint called KCP Loft with a snappy new title:


KCP Loft is the brand new young adult (YA) venture from venerable kidslit publisher Kids Can Press (owned by my friends at Corus, with whom I make Trucktown….small world!).

powerhouse publishers: Kate Egan (L) and Lisa Lyons Johnston (R)

powerhouse publishers: Kate Egan (L) and Lisa Lyons Johnston (R) of KCP Loft

KEEPING THE BEAT will be Americanized (say good-bye to those “u”s in colour!) for a U.S. readership, but the story will remain the same….Lucy Gosling is the drummer in high school band Crush, which with her former BBF’s Harper urging becomes a winning band in a type of fictionalised X-Factor…and nothing goes to plan!

Crush's debut album cover

Crush’s debut album cover

Here’s the official press release:

We don’t have a cover yet, but watch this space!

And be sure to ‘like” the Drummer Girl Facebook page for updates.

Rock on!

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