This week I’m in Miami for the annual Kidscreen Summit, flying the flag for AWESOME

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In it’s second year in Miami (used to be NY), Kidscreen has become a global meeting place for people making content for kids (and kids at heart).

It’s part conference (Mary Coleman of Pixar is the keynote speaker) and part market. I’m here with several projects we’re taking on the long path from book to screen.  The key thing is to find partners to pull off large productions; from writers to animators and from co-producers to broadcasters.

One of the projects we’re developing is the best-selling Princess Ponies books. The Kidscreen magazine announced last week that these books (from global publisher Bloomsbury) have sold over 400,000 copies across 8 titles and have just ordered four new titles!

Available now!

Available now!

This year, despite my hybrid accent, I’m part of the official UK delegation, and was thrilled to see that Alienated made it onto the cover of the brochure!

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For me, of course, it all starts with characters. We fall in love with characters, want to hear their stories, and want to imagine ourselves in their world. Character. Story. World. Everything else (and there’s a lot) are the enabling tools or the obstacles to overcome to connect characters to audiences.  And I’m brining some awesome characters to Miami!

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  1. Derek February 8, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

    Kidscreen is one of my favorite conferences/events/reason to goof-off! Congrats on the ongoing success of AWESOME and those darn ponies! #fistbump

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