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On the 10th of June, I’ve been invited to join the Children’s Book Circle discussion on “Should Authors Be Marketers?” at the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford.


I’ll be sharing the podium (though not clear if there will be a podium or not) with uber-agent Julia Chuchill (AM Heath)


Butterfly day in the office.

…and talented author (and former freelance marketing consultant) Giles Paley-Philips.


He doesn’t notice the giant purple mouth about to eat him.

The event will be chaired by Gemma Green, Marketing Manager at Penguin Children’s Books.


“You will buy these books” Jedi mind-trick.

As a former marketer (I spent six years at Procter & Gamble, developing new brands like Febreze, Dryel, and marketing a half a billion dollars worth of Dawn (aka Fairy in the UK) dishwashing liquid…yeah, that’s a lot of dish soap!) and now author (trying hard not to put on my marketing hat), this is a question I grabble with a lot.Publishers have whole departments of marketing and publicity folks, and sometimes an author’s own enthusiasm and initiative can cut across their carefully laid plans. At the same time, an author with a fan-base or built in audience makes everyone’s job easier.

It’s an open question and should be a fun discussion.

Before the 10th, I’d love you thoughts and perspective. Please tweet me at @thejeffnorton.

And hope to see you on the 10th.  You can book tickets here:


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