MIPCOM Madness

I’ve got my TV hat on today. Well, actually, I’m not wearing a hat and if I did, it’d be my Blue Jays cap….but that’s another blog.  For now, I’m heading down to Cannes, France to dive in to the world of TV.

Heading to Cannes!

Heading to Cannes!

This is my very first MIPCOM, and I’m going because as a writer, I’m increasingly creating for TV.  I’ve got something like 70 meetings with broadcasters, producers, and financiers, an ecosystem of people who get shows made.

I’m interested in working with the best people to tell the stories that people fall in love with. It’s a more social medium than books because it requires so many people to make it happen. Which is part of the fun!

I’ll also be speaking on a panel about ‘books to screen’, organised by good folks at the London Book Fair.

Hope to see you there!

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