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If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve been silent for a few weeks. Besides the December rush of finishing a new manuscript and taking Christmas holidays, I’ve actually been blogging for other people.

The blog tour for the final MetaWars book launched last week and it’s been a joy to guest blog on some fantastic book blogs. Here’s the line up of my guest blogs:

Snuggling On The Sofa: Q&A with the lovely Debbie.

Anna Scott Jots: Discussing  saying goodbye to characters I’ve lived with for years.

Much Loved Books: Q&A with YA uber-blogger Michelle.

Bart’s Bookshelf: Writing as my main character, Jonah about his memorable character, Nitin NoLand.

Big Book Little Book: Guest blog about the role of being a writer, and the responsibility of being a father.

Now that the blog tour is over, I promise to me more prolific on my own blog.  And you can also keep in touch via the Facebook page.

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