Summer Of 89

I can still remember the day that I decided to work in entertainment.

It was late May, 1989 and I was twelve years old. I was playing a small part in my local theatre group’s big end of term show and we were doing final rehearsals in (what seemed like a really) big theatre. On our lunch break, my best friend and I wandered into a convenience store for some drinks and I discovered something that would change my life.

It was the June edition of (sadly now defunct) Premiere magazine, the Ultimate Summer Movie Guide edition.

That magazine that inspired me.

That magazine that inspired me.

Now, for every twelve year old in North America, June 1989 was already shaping up to be a monumental month, since Tim Burton’s BATMAN was just weeks away from dominating the box office.

June 23, 1989…a date every 12 year old remembers.

June 23, 1989…a date every 12 year old remembers.

And with about a month to go until Keaton squared off against Nicholson on the big screen, I’d suddenly discovered a magazine that talked about movies they way my Dad’s Sports Illustrated talked about Sports or the business pages talked about stocks…with seriousness and reverence.

And I was hooked.

Burlington, Ontario (my hometown) was about a million miles from Hollywood and I was amazed that there was an actual industry devoted to making entertainment. It’d take me years to get myself into the entertainment industry, but it all started in the summer of ’89 with a magazine I still have.

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