This evening I’ll be participating in the weekly twitter discussion, under hash-tag #UKMGchat.  It’s organised by the awesome Miriam & Lorraine for the benefit of all book-loving twitter folks around the world.

I usually miss out because the 8 pm (British time) start time coincides with putting my kids to bed, and I have to catch up on the twitter scroll afterwards. But tonight, I’ve got special dispensation to talk about writing for reluctant readers.

If you follow this blog, and know my work, you’ll know that I’m passionate about creating works that’ll help make reluctant readers (like I used to be) into avid ones.

Ahead of tonight’s discussion, I thought I’d share a few resources, and thoughts:

1. Here’s me “fessing up” to a classroom full of kids about not really liking reading as a boy…

2. Here’s an interview I did for Book Trust, offering ideas to help encourage reluctant readers:  http://www.booktrust.org.uk/books/children/reluctant-readers-how-to-become-a-good-reader/

Book Trust is an incredible resource for parents, teachers, librarians and the entire community.

3. Here’s a brand new project I’ve decided to launch online, for free, via wattpad to encourage scifi lovers to read: https://www.wattpad.com/story/49276440-star-pressed

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4. And finally, a video on my belief that reading fiction (at a young age) helps to build empathy….

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