Ten Honest Tweets

Back in the day, Twitter asked you to share “What are you doing right now?”

Twitter has evolved beyond that simple query, but most (non-commercial) Tweets are still a variation on that status update – what I’m doing/thinking about/caring about/what’s happening.

But there’s a filter between brain and tweet (fortunately), and people consciously think about what they put out there in social media.

This bird has something to say, but is it honest?

This bird has something to say, but is it honest?

So imagine, for a moment, the filter was removed and people tweeted honestly about what they are actually doing, right now:

10.  I’ve just spent five minutes thinking up a witty reply to a @celebrity.

9.  I’m in transit, and bored out of my mind. *tries to look busy*

8.  I’m sending this note to strangers instead of emailing my mother.

7. I’m sharing this piece of internet content b/c it makes me look funny/smart/clever/in-the-know.

6.  I’m tweeting to raise my profile in the hopes of getting a #newjob (or a raise).

5. I’m flirting with someone I’ve never met, but because it’s in plain view of the world it’s not at all creepy.

4. I’m railing against a @LargeCorporation whose service wasn’t 100% b/c I’m unhappy with my own life. #JustLostACustomer

3. I’m making my strongly held political/religious views known to my 51 followers.

2. Sharing info/photo about my cat because it’s the most interesting thing in my life.

1. I’m on the #toilet.  *flushes*

I’m sure there’s more.  What other honest tweets have I missed?

Tweet me with your #HonestTweets to @thejeffnorton.

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