Beyond the Grave

Human beings are obsessed with immortality.  We all want to live forever, or at least, live on forever. In writing MetaWars, I dreamt up a concept of UPLOADING, a process to upload your consciousness to the web to live on forever; to be digitally immortal.   Here’s how a video advert for Uploading might run… […]

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High Flight

I can clearly remember that Tuesday, January 28th, 1986. I was in 6th grade at Pineland Public School, the freshmen grade of middle-school, and the our class was interrupted with the terrible news of the Challenger disaster.  I was mad about space, and the entire school, like all schools, were excited about this lift off […]

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Choice and Consequence

Growing up, I hated reading.  I was what is now termed a “reluctant reader.”  Back then the terms ranged from lazy to uninspired (and probably some my teachers didn’t share with me. Not only did I find reading hard, I frankly wasn’t that interested in books because the written word failed to capture my imagination […]

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Getting Real

I spend most of my working day in fictional worlds of my own creation. It’s a bit like taking a mental trip to faraway, often fantastical places, without leaving my cluttered office.  Since I’m constantly writing and creating, I don’t tend to read much in the way of fiction – I don’t want to get […]

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Playing Away

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve been silent for a few weeks. Besides the December rush of finishing a new manuscript and taking Christmas holidays, I’ve actually been blogging for other people. The blog tour for the final MetaWars book launched last week and it’s been a joy to guest blog […]

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Freedom Rising

This weekend I visited New York City for the first time in a few years. For a while, when I worked for a transatlantic entertainment company, New York was fast becoming a second home; but lately, between writing full time and having two kids in our midst, it’s been a more distant outpost. When writing […]

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Blog of Awesome

When I was young, I loved getting stuff in the mail. I can still remember sending away for a secret, undisclosed Stars Wars action figure in the lead-up to The Empire Strikes Back. Aside from my wedding day and the arrival of my two children, the day the mail man showed up with Bossk was […]

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The blockbuster Gravity is both epic and intimate storytelling at the same time, but it excels because of its compelling main character.

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