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Right now, most of the children’s book world is in Bologna, Italy.

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The rest of us are busy writing!

For the uninitiated, the annual Bologna Book Fair is a massive market in children’s book rights.  Sarah McIntyre has done a groovy blog post on it, which you can read here.   It’s like a big marketplace where people buy and sell books, mostly for the translation market.  Although I’m not actually in Bologna today, a (big) part of me is…

Big news for little kaiju!

Big news for little kaiju!

A brand new project, my first picture book!


Welcome to Stomp School! Illustrations by Simon Cooper.

It’s called STOMP SCHOOL, and it’s just been picked up by Little Tiger Press for world-wide domination…I mean, publication.

STOMP SCHOOL is the story of little Rikki, a kaiju monster who’d rather build than destroy.  He goes to Stomp School, which is the day care for little kaiju monsters.

Kaiju is the Japanese word for monsters.  You probably know the kaiju by another name…

When he goes to work, who looks after his kids?

When he goes to work, who looks after his kids?

Stomp School is inspired by my own kids, because young children are, in fact, unstoppable destructive monsters!

The first book debuts digitally this Spring on the MeBooks app.

Coming Soon to MeBooks

Coming Soon to MeBooks

The physical books will roll out in 2016!


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