Happy Princess Ponies publication day!

OK pony loving Americans, today is the day you probably didn’t even know you were waiting for…

Available now!

Available now!

Publication day for the next two Princess Ponies books!

Partaking in the celebration on twitter, awesome illustrators Sarah McIntyre & Ellisa Elwick got our their crayons and drew this lovely picture of celebrating Princess Ponies…

It's Princess Ponies party time!

It’s Princess Ponies party time!

These new books are the latest in the best-selling series from Bloomsbury.  And what makes these two new books special is that they are stand-alone adventures. Unlike the first six books, which have a serial story arc across all six books, these novels have a beginning, middle, and end to themselves.

In case you haven’t discovered these books yet, they are swashbuckling adventure stories for girls (and boys) who’ve grown out of Dora, but are too young for Indiana Jones.  I created them for my niece Iyla when my sister was so upset when Iyla graduated out of Dora The Explorer and was dumped into the pink ghetto of Barbie and Disney Princess.  I know what you’re thinking…”but Jeff, these books further the stereotyping because they are pink and sparkly!”

Well, they are pink and sparkly on the outside, but they’re actually a trojan horse…on the inside, they are butt-kicking action-adventure tales about an intrepid little girl who saves the royal ponies from themselves.  These books are about empowerment and courage.  As one of my friends best summed it up, these books are like My Little Pony meets Lost.

How awesome is that!?

If you want a piece of these ponies…

Book 7 is here from Barnes & Noble and Book 8 is here from Barnes & Noble.

Book 7 is here on Amazon.com and Book 8 is here via Amazon.com

and of course, please visit your local, indie bookseller and they’d be happy order those books in for you!

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