Stellar Objects

Space. The distant future. A universe at war. Young people are pressed into service in the Galactic Navy. One ship, the HMS Gandhi sails the stars to keep the peace.

Its skeleton crew – five kids and three adults – rely on one another to survive. Forced together by circumstance, the crew of the Gandhi lives the tensions, joys, heartbreak, and humour of family life….deep in outer space.

STELLAR OBJECTS is a brand new story about family; about sustaining a surrogate family in an unfair universe.

This is probably my most ambitious book to date. It’s at once a sprawling space opera in the spirt of Star Wars or Firefly and an intimate family portrait as seen on Party Of Five or Lost In Space. It’s love letter to science fiction, and an examination of growing up in an uncertain world.    —Jeff


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  1. Timothy February 9, 2016 at 12:35 am #

    This looks like an amazing novel a huge fan of the metawars series just the way u bring things to life and express important concepts near the here and now, especially since mainstream VR technology is most likely a few console gens away. Keep up the good work Sir.

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