London Book Fair 2016

As the publishing world descended on London this April, I was fortunate to speak twice at this event.

I will travel to Olympia in that exact airplane!

I will travel to Olympia in that exact airplane!

On 13th of April at 2:30 pm, I was on a panel called:

The Book As A Brand Platform

“In the digital age of opportunity, publishers have more in common with other content creators than ever before. Licensing across platforms is a key to success as consumers engage with content through a breadth of media. Attend this session if you want to leverage the content you create to form new alliances.”

A freelance journalist was in the audience and wrote up a round-up here: 

and then…

On 14th of April, at 11:30 am, as Part of the CMC’s now annual Rights Exchange, I spoke on a panel called:

The future of the UK children’s book publishing market through to 2020

We examined current trends and do some forecasting about what’s in store for the industry over the next five years.

Hope to see you at LBF next year!



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