Pop Jammin’

Who needs a new social network?

I don’t know about you, but between twitter, Facebook, instagram, and YouTube (confession: I’m not on snap chat), I feel a bit too social.

So I was initially reluctant when the good folks at Super Awesome purchased the Pop Jam app and invited me to become a “channel.”

The things those crazy phones can do!

The things those crazy phones can do!

But I’m a convert!

hey, that's me on PopJam!

hey, that’s me on PopJam!

Pop Jam has been termed “instagram for kids” and since I write for young people, it’s an incredible way to connect with readers and fans. What’s best about the app is that it’s unabashedly creative. It’s not just status updates or sharing photos, but the entire ecosystem is about “making”…young people being creative with the incredibly powerful computing tool they hold in their hands each day…the smart phone.

With the phone, you can create art, enhance photos, and even make animation.

I’m pretty new to the Pop Jam world, but it’s a blast to be where the party’s at…and so far, I’m having a great time.

Find me on Pop Jam at: @thejeffnorton

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