Reading Not Speeding

You’d have to be locked in the truck of a car to avoid the “news” of Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from the wildly popular Top Gear TV show for allegedly striking a producer.

Now, I don’t know Mr. Clarkson personally, though I don’t care for his public persona (he basically strikes me a a bully), but regardless of his personality, there’s now a gap in the Beeb’s schedule.

I’d love to fill that gap…

…with a pop culture show that celebrates books, authors, and stories in the same glitzy, fast paced approach Clarkson and co. use for cars.

If you’ve driven on Britain’s motorways recently, you’ll note that 1/2 the population (yep, the male half) thinks they’re the Stig and that speed limits are just suggestions.  To me, Top Gear glamourises speeding.

I think it’s high time we glamourise reading.

So, Danny Cohen, if you’re reading this….here’s my pitch:

TOP PAGE: a fast paced, fun, intellectually-challening show about books, the authors behind them, and the stories and lives that influence them.  We’d road test books the way Top Gear test drives cars.

Potential segments could include…

Stage a zombie uprising, hosted by Charlie Higson.

The science of short term amnesia with S.J.Watson.

Surviving a flood with Margaret Atwood.

Forensics with Val McDermid.

Secret Amsterdam with Jessie Burton.

Training birds of prey with Helen Macdonald.

A weekly reason to stay alive with Matt Haig.

On set visits for the biggest books-to-screen.

How to be a spy with Terry Hayes.

Those are just a few ideas.  I’m sure you’ve got many more.  Let’s here ’em (in the comments below), and let’s put books, not cars, on primetime TV.

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